Concerto de Aranjuez Chords TAB for Guitar

Concerto de Aranjuez - Guitar Chords TAB pdf preview

Concerto de Aranjuez Chords and TAB for Guitar: Below is the full guitar TAB to learn to play the chords of the Concerto de Aranjuez. If you want to watch multimedia content, here is also a link to the video lesson called Concierto Aranjuez Lesson #2 which corresponds with the chords and base of the concert. That video lesson explaining the same chords that I pasted here below, however, I think that Video lesson got better quality image. I really tried to do my best with the TAB below but…

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Spanish Guitar Concerto

Flamenco Guitar and Piano Spanish Guitar Concerto

    Guitar and Piano Spanish Guitar Concerto. These Night-Session-Series were a unique and incomparable life experience for me and for the rest of people that were part of it. I was fascinated by the strength and simplicity of the music we were creating at that time, which inspired me to create a musical derivation of Concerto de Aranjuez. We performed the Spanish Guitar Concerto based on the amazing Flamenco style of Paco de Lucía. Check out the Full Spanish Guitar Concerto below: Finally, the Spanish Guitar Concerto was born…

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