Best Flamenco & Spanish Guitar Luthiers

Here is the Top 10 Flamenco & Spanish Guitar Luthiers


World’s Best Luthiers:

The selection of guitars below includes the most outstanding guitar builders and / or luthiers.

Which ones are the best Spanish guitars?
Who is the best flamenco guitar Luthier?

These are the flamenco guitar Luthiers that I like the most: Do you know others who deserve to be on this list?

Luthier: Website:
Antonio Raya Ferrer
Domingo Esteso
Felipe Conde / Conde Hermanos
Francisco Barba
Francisco Manuel Díaz
Francisco Navarro
Gil De Avalle
Graciliano Pérez
Jerónimo Pérez, de Algodonales, Cádiz.
Jesús de Jiménez / Pedro Mudriel
John Ray
José A. Villalba
Jose Blay
José González López
Jose Marin Plazuelo
Juan Álvarez, Madrid
Juan Miguel González
Juan Montero Aguilera
Juan Montes
Manuel Contreras
Mariano Conde
Pedro de Miguel
Peña Vargas
Vassilis Lazarides
Vicente Carrillo

You see how difficult it is to say which is the best flamenco guitar. At this point and with these great constructors, the answer should be more related to how you feel with the guitar. You can play Paco de Lucía’s guitar and feel that it’s so hard to play that for you.

Add your favorite Spanish guitar builders in the comments and I’ll add them to the list.


2 Thoughts to “Best Flamenco & Spanish Guitar Luthiers”

  1. Fernando Vincenzini

    Two you can add who certainly build great guitars are, Amalio Burguet and Pedro de Miguel.
    I’m an old Flamenco aficionado and own several great guitars.
    The Amalio Burguet is specially bewitching. Deep bass and bells on top. The guitar is feather light and responds like nothing else I own.
    You should try one if possible.

    1. Santi Guitar

      Great! Thanks Fernando. I Will add those manufacturers pretty son. Muchas gracias! Pedro de Miguel es excelente.

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