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How to choose the proper strings for your Spanish guitar?

How to choose propper guitar strings for my guitar

I already tried La Bella, Savarez, Luthier, D’ADdario, Hannabach, and many others To choose the proper strings for your flamenco guitar, you first need to know where are you going to play.  Your guitar may sound different depending on the audience, the microphone, your nails, atmosphere, etc. Is it a concert or you just want to play at home? What about your nails, the shorter the nails, the heavier the strings. Long nails are more vulnerable to get broken in a live session or concert. Luthier Set 30 Concert Silver…

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6 Flamenco Guitar Techniques

Learn the 6 basic rules for flamenco guitar techniques Flamenco guitar techniques are: tremolos, picados, arpeggios, rasgueos and picados. Learn these 6 techniques to perform flamenco fluently: Picado: Single-line scale passages performed by playing alternately with the index and middle fingers, supporting the other fingers on the string immediately above. Alternate methods include using the thumb rapidly on adjacent strings, as well as using the thumb and index finger alternately, or combining all three methods in a single falseta Rasgueado: Strumming done with outward flicks of the right hand fingers,…

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Solea Falseta Lesson

Solea soleares

Solea by Moraíto and Diego del Morao Visit our Soleá del Morao Lesson to get the guitar TAB and Chords for this soleá. I know that you are expecting to get the Soleá lesson now, but I have deleted that URL by mistake and Google insists on showing up this URL. So, instead of creating a 301 redirection to the current Soleá “Moraito” lesson page, I decided to create this post to add value to your reading. I respect you time and will try to offer some additional information of…

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Concerto de Aranjuez Chords TAB for Guitar

Concerto de Aranjuez - Guitar Chords TAB pdf preview

Concerto de Aranjuez Chords and TAB for Guitar: Below is the full guitar TAB to learn to play the chords of the Concerto de Aranjuez. If you want to watch multimedia content, here is also a link to the video lesson called Concierto Aranjuez Lesson #2 which corresponds with the chords and base of the concert. That video lesson explaining the same chords that I pasted here below, however, I think that Video lesson got better quality image. I really tried to do my best with the TAB below but…

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Spanish Guitar Concerto

Flamenco Guitar and Piano Spanish Guitar Concerto

    Guitar and Piano Spanish Guitar Concerto. These Night-Session-Series were a unique and incomparable life experience for me and for the rest of people that were part of it. I was fascinated by the strength and simplicity of the music we were creating at that time, which inspired me to create a musical derivation of Concerto de Aranjuez. We performed the Spanish Guitar Concerto based on the amazing Flamenco style of Paco de Lucía. Check out the Full Spanish Guitar Concerto below: Finally, the Spanish Guitar Concerto was born…

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Spanish Guitar Exercises

New Spanish guitar exercises for both hands

Have you ever asked yourself how many excersices do you have to do to play faster? Is it all about making more and more exercises?The more excersices I do, the faster I will play? The answer is NOT.To play spanish guitar faster, you have to forguet any concept of speed. If you are thinking of speed, then you are not thinking of spanish guitar. The speed comes with the melody. It take some time to get the propper speed when it comes to flamenco music, however, follow up my blog…

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How to clean the frets of my spanish guitar

How to clean the frets of the guitar

Guitar care: How to clean the neck, headstock, frets, pickups and other parts of the guitar? I use to clean it with a dry flat piece of cloth. Yeahh, I know, you were expecting more detailed and creative ideas, but this is your chance to let me know what technique do you use to take care of your guitar. Leave your comment and let me know!

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Nails care. How to cut your nails

Spanish guitar lessons

Cutting nails is somethig that matters to all of us who play guitar. If you want to get a beautifull sound when playing guitar, you should know that spanish guitar gets its particular sound mainly because of the way we cut out nails. I believe that you neve though that nails care would be that important, but it is! Nails care and more info coming soon!

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