Spanish Guitar Concerto

Flamenco Guitar and Piano Spanish Guitar Concerto



Guitar and Piano Spanish Guitar Concerto.

These Night-Session-Series were a unique and incomparable life experience for me and for the rest of people that were part of it.

I was fascinated by the strength and simplicity of the music we were creating at that time, which inspired me to create a musical derivation of Concerto de Aranjuez.

We performed the Spanish Guitar Concerto based on the amazing Flamenco style of Paco de Lucía.

Check out the Full Spanish Guitar Concerto below:

Finally, the Spanish Guitar Concerto was born as a sort of Chill-out music.

All this beautiful things occurred in Malta Country, where Mike and I performed the show.

The day I met Mike, he told me that he plays the piano. After a few days playing guitar on my own at this place, we did a first test playing together.

The trial went great and we decided to perform a Spanish Guitar concerto. Mike was very clear to me. He said “I don’t know anything about flamenco” and I replied “Don’t worry about that, music is about feelings”.

Of course we both had high technique level at that time, so to combine our music were not gonna be that difficult.

Mike “The great” was the fastest flamenco student I ever had. I hope you are reading this Mike! He had to learn the songs and the compás on the progress of the days, nights and even during the concertos.

Our concerts were a kind of show based on Spanish guitar and new rhythms from different musics of the world. Finally we called them “Chill” which derives from a slang word for “relax”.

Our Spanish guitar concerto always started with a short presentation, as you can hear in Aranjuez version in the playlist above. Then the Spanish guitar concerto used to be followed by several amazing songs on guitar and piano.

This Flamenco Chill-Out music session was performed in Malta Island (Country) by Mike and me. I hope you like it.

Check out the Full Spanish Guitar Concerto in the play list above.

Let me know your thoughts.

See you soon!


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