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Now, you can get the chords and tabs for this song and play along with my YouTube video pasted right below this text box. Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez was born to be performed on guitar.

The following spanish guitar lessons are aimed to teach guitar players to perform Concierto de aranjuez.  This lesson is based on 1991 Paco de Lucía's performance.


Even the fact that Paco de Lucía was not proficient at reading musical notation, he was asked to perform and interpret Concierto de Aranjuez in 1991.


The Spanish flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucía made it his way, essentially, learning and listening with the heart. Joaquín Rodrigo later declared that no one had ever played his composition in such a brilliant manner as Paco did.

Concierto de Aranjuez is a 1991 album by Paco de Lucía.

This is how Concierto de Aranjuez by Paco de lucía was born:

Paco de Lucía was in Japan when the discographic offered him to play and record this concert. He had never played it before. The song was completely new to him.

Then, this amazing thing happened, Paco said: "As it often happens to me, I signed the contract and forgot about it". What happened was that he realized about the contract obligation just one month before the debut of the concert take place.

At this point, Paco de Lucía thought he would only manage to learn it if he secluded himself from the outside world. Here is where he had to learn and listen with the heart.

Paco de Lucía moved to Mexico to study the concert, to his house in Playa del Carmen. He took the concert score, a stave - in which he had written the names of the notes to be able to understand it.

Also took with him a few recorded versions of the concert with the idea of using them to match all those symbols (notes and timing) with the music. I believe he indeed did that. In addition, I would say he wrote his own tablatures (TABs for guitar) as the ones you will see along the #1 and #2 lessons I have prepared for all of you.

For me, preparing all this materials was a very hard work. Those were some hard days: the video sessions, to write these TABs for you, the quality of the image, the sound, the mic setup, etc..  but I think back on them with pleasure. And there and then the idea of teaching the Concierto [Concerto] de Aranjuez was born.

I would like to thank Oscar, a great subscriber of my YouTube Channel,  for giving me the idea of recording and teaching concierto de aranjuez in a video lesson. He never gave up on me. He is a great supporter and source of motivation. Thank you Oscar!

I would also want to thank Blind Jack Cotton, a great friend of mine and Youtube subscriber as well, for sharing with me a passionate part of his life. This Lesson is also for you my friend. I hope your right hand is better!

I hope you all enjoy learning it, and please leave me a comment telling me how it was your learning.

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