Flamenco Triplet “Abanico” video lesson

Flamenco Triplet "Abanico"

The most popular flamenco guitar Technique. Use it to play Rumba, flamenco style or add a personal touch to your own songs.

How to play Flamenco Guitar Triplet "Abanico"


Let's start with the lesson:

Flamenco triplet, also called 3-stroke rasgueado, abanico or ventilador [fan] is one of the most typical flamenco guitar techniques.

It is not exactly easy and simple. It takes some time though and patience to make it really fast. If you do not learn it with the right technique you won't be able to be fast enough.

It is very important to take your time and pay attention to every movement I make with my right hand in the following videos.

Flamenco triplet, abanico or ventilador guitar lesson
Flamenco triplet, "abanico" or "ventilador"

Flamenco abanico or triplet is one of those very flamenco techniques that transform spanish music into something very special. It is probably the most recognised sound when it comes to spanish guitar.

Flamenco Triplet Abanico Guitar TAB
Flamenco Triplet Abanico Guitar TAB

How to start?

Start practising the movement slow, very slow. Do it one and again until you really get the right movement in your right hand. Then you will be able to speed up, and speed up and speed up!

Flamenco base chords:

Am, G7, F6, E9. It is super flamenco! A great video for someone who wants to add spanish flamenco sounds to their music 🙂

Flamenco Andalusian Cadence:

Some quick tips: Fret F major leaving 1st and 2nd strings unfretted to get the very true flamenco sound. Don't use steel strings!

Flamenco Guitar Triplet "Abanico": Respect

This popular Flamenco Guitar Technique, Fan Rasgueo [Abanico], is, for guitarists of other styles, the most recognised flamenco technique. It is respected in the world thanks to its sound and difficulty.

Here is a term guide to describe the most common words in the flamenco world:
Palo: style, eg; Soleá, Soleá por bulería, Tangos, Bulerías, Alegrias, and so on.

Rasgueo: a particular way to use the right hand. Triplet abanico is a rasgueo o rasgueado.

Cante: flamenco singing Cantaor: the singer.

Toque: flamenco guitar playing.

Baile: flamenco dance.

Palmas: rhythmic hand claps that accompany a performance.

Compás: the rythm itself. Bulerías compás: Bulerías' partucular rythm. Falseta: a prepared or improvised guitar melody.

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