Rumba Rhythm. Flamenco Guitar Lesson

Flamenco Rumba Rhythm [TUTORIAL]

Spanish rhythm guitar


Flamenco Rumba:

Flamenco Gipsy Rumba, Chods and Triplet "Abanico"  in 5 MINUTES

Flamenco rhythm guitar:

Rumba Guitar. Let's start the lesson:

Rumba rhythm: Around 1960s the popular singer Peret (El Rey de la Rumba) developed a new Rumba rhythm style, called Gypsy Rumba. This style combines elements from rumba flamenca, Spanish guitar and gypsy music.


Spanish guitar rhythm: Rumba flamenco guitar

That is how Catalan rumba (rumba catalana) was born. The Gipsy Kings popularized this style around the world.


Rumba Rhythm Guitar:

take your time to learn the lesson. Pay attention to every movement I make with my right hand:

Rumba Rhythm flamenco guitar lesson. Spanish guiar
Rumba Rhythm Flamenco Guitar Lesson

Flamenco guitar lesson:

In the 1970′s, Paco de Lucia and his percussionist Ruben Dantas, introduced the cajón to flamenco music. The Rumba Rhythm got more strenth due to Cajon's magnificent sound and precision.

Let's learn the Flamenco Rumba Rhythm now:

Rumba and the percussion:

Paco de Lucía gave percussionist Rubem Dantas a cajón peruano, wooden box. that Ruben incorporated to the flamenco music and rumba in 1970s. It took him one month to become a master in using it.

Rumba base chords:

Am, G7, F6, E9. Andalusian cadence. It sounds super flamenco! A great lesson for someone who wants to add some spanish flamenco notes to his music.

Flamenco Andalusian Cadence:

The Andalusian cadence is a chord progression comprising four chords descending in progression. A quick tip: Fret F major leaving 1st and 2nd strings unfretted to get the very true flamenco sound.

Gypsy Rumba and Andalusian Cadence:

Flamenco guitar rhythm

Its flamenco sonorities made the Andalusian Cadence one of the most popular progressions in spanish guitar music.  It seems that this cadence is based on a popular melodic pattern of Ancient Greece, called the Dorian tetrachord.

This sequence, the Greek tetrachord structure, might have been known to the Moors in Southern Spain.

Andalusian cadence: The notes and Keys:

Flamenco guitar chords:

"Por arriba", which corresponds to the Am – G – F – E, or, Am7 – G7 – F7/6 – E9
"Por medio":  D minor key, the cadence is built of a Dm – C – B♭ – A progression.

Term used in Flamenco Tonal key Modal (Phrygian) key Chord progression Construction
 Granaína E minor B Phrygian Em – D – C – B por medio, capo on 2nd fret
 Levante B minor F Phrygian Bm – A – G – F por arriba, capo on 2nd fret
 Minera C minor G Phrygian Cm – B – A – G por arriba, capo on 4th fret
 Rondeña (My Favourite)
F minor C Phrygian Fm – E – D – C scordature


Rumba lesson

I hope you enjoyed this Flamenco Rumba Rhythm guitar lesson.

Please, let me know if this lesson helped you.

See you soon!



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