Super Fast Buleria Guitar Falseta

[INTERMEDIATE]. Buleria Guitar Lesson.

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Buleria Guitar Lesson TAB + Video

Boost your Spanish flamenco guitar skills at your best. Go beyond the limits of the traditional Spanish guitar speed.

Enjoy this amazing bulería guitar lesson. Learn how to control the fastest of the flamenco rhythms with basically only one finger, the thumb. It sounds easy, ah!

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Buleria guitar falseta
Buleria guitar falseta - Super Fast Buleria Falseta

Some recommendations for practicing this Bulería Falseta on Guitar

1. Please, begin slowly and keep a slow speed during the first 10 attempts at least.

2. Train the same hand clapping pattern at different speeds.

3. When increasing speed, do it keeping the rhythm, respecting the buleria compas.

4. Pay especial attention to contratiempos (off-beats, syncopes) and rasgeados (strumming).

5. If you can't play it at any speed, then haven't captured the rhythm yet.

6.Practice only at a maximum speed at which you make sure you can still perform accurately and with a clean sound.

Normally, the bulería starts on beat twelve of the compas. In this particular case, this falseta starts on the beat 9.5 so that the second note falls on the beat 10, with the full weight on the accented 10th beat. 

This buleria guitar falseta is played at about 250 beats per minute. You can go up until 280 bpm after a few days practicing it i guess.

Bulería Guitar Falseta. Super Fast! Be careful and fasten your seatbelt!


Buleria Guitar Falseta E flat
Buleria Guitar Falseta E flat

Don't try to memorize this falseta at one goal. 

Take your time to memorize all the notes and the movements of left right hand. Practice first note by note and pay attention at the finger positions.

I hope that you have enjoyed the lesson

How to Play Spanish Guitar wants to say thank you for practicing with us!

Notes of the Falseta

Guitar tunning 440 hz. This is the regular guitar tunning for most of compositions. Nothing special here to be mentioned.

The tone of the bulería falseta is E FLAT, Which basically means that the last note of the andalusian cadense is E flat.

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