How to choose the propper strings for your spanish guitar?

How to choose propper guitar strings for my guitar

I already tried La Bella, Savarez, Luthier, D’ADdario, Hannabach, and many others

To choose the proper strings for your flamenco guitar, you first need to know where are you gonna play.  Your guitar may sound different depending on the audience, the microphone, your nails, etc.

Is it a concert or you just wnt to play at home? What about your nails, the shorter the nails, the hevier the strings. Long nails are more vulnerable to get broken in a live session or concert.

I use Flamenco Luthier 30. The perfect strings for me.

I tried almos all the strings in the market, and the Luthier’s are the once that convenced me. They have Luthier 20, 30, 40 and 50. I tried all of them:

  • Luthier 50: Are too hard, too much for me. I wanted to know how it feels the stronger strings in the market, so I bought them and used them for two weeks. It was impossible to me to perform at my best.
  • Luthier 40: A good choice if you are going to play in a crowded place. These strings are a bit hard to me. Mi fingers hurt after 2-3 hr playing.
  • Luthier 30: The perfect strigns for flamenco guitar. Their sound and bright are an excelent complement for mu music style.
  • Luthier 20: I never tried them, too soft I believe they are. I think they could be a good option for playing guitar at home during the night. You can control the volume much easier with your fingers.


Luthier 30, the perfect strings for flamenco guitar
Flamenco Guitar Strings: Luthier set 30

Leave your comment and let me know what strings are you using.

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