Solea Falseta Lesson

Solea solearesSoleá Diego del Morao and José Mercé

Solea by Moraíto and Diego del Morao

Visit our Soleá del Morao Lesson to get the guitar TAB and Chords for this soleá.

I know that you are expecting to get the Soleá lesson now, but I have deleted that URL by mistake and Google insists on showing up this URL.

So, instead of creating a 301 redirection to the current Soleá “Moraito” lesson page, I decided to create this post to add value to your reading. I respect you time and will try to offer some additional information of your interest about this Soleá guitar lesson.

Moraíto composed the following soleá, and years later, his son Diego del Morao performed it at the homage of the death of his father, Moraíto (Manuel Moreno Junquera, 1956 – 2011).

Go to Soleá del Morao lesson to get watch the video lesson and get the guitar TAB and Chords for this soleá.


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